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    Post by Alex Koda on Sun Dec 27 2009, 15:51

    Sad news for the simracing community as RSC has decided to close their forums Sad

    Full statement here


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    Re: RaceSimCentral

    Post by snowy on Sun Dec 27 2009, 17:26

    It is indeed a sad time. It was a bit of a struggle for them after all that revamping and time off line. It sort of sapped their strength and their fan base. This major server harddrive failure was catastrophic but had it come a year ago they may well have survived.

    It's strange how things have been going in the virtual world, it's almost an exact mirror of the real world. With real consequences and real mortalities, I don't like it a lot! Neutral

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    Re: RaceSimCentral

    Post by Flaux on Tue Dec 29 2009, 18:22

    Hey everyone.

    I was a RSC Member since 2003 and it always was a great resource and meetpoint. I really hope there will be a good alternative in the near future. Maybe RD can go for it... Crying or Very sad

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    Re: RaceSimCentral

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