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    rFactor 2 - New Tire Model

    Alex Koda

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    rFactor 2 - New Tire Model

    Post by Alex Koda on Fri Mar 25 2011, 23:46

    "The tire model is new and one of the most important features of rFactor 2 which will interact with the new weather and real road models. Real life drivers deal with many changes during an event as they can arrive at any turn and can find themselves with more or less grip than they felt on the previous lap. The tire, track and weather model should allow users to experience many of these changes for the first time.

    The tire is now considered to be a separate simulated body to the rim, and the contact patch has a huge increase in processing allowing different and constantly changing levels of heat and wear all around and across the tire. Tires will hold a history of what you’ve done to them and all these factors will give a constantly changing experience in terms of grip, handling and even pit strategy.

    The video below gives a basic demonstration of the new tire model and how the contact patch changes shape and holds heat/damage in any abused areas."

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    Re: rFactor 2 - New Tire Model

    Post by RKipker on Sun Jul 31 2011, 11:36

    Good Stuff Alex; Thanks for the update!

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